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ATV Slam takes All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) racing to a whole new level.   The custom developed motion platform lets players experience all the bumps just like being on the track.   Exotic environments, wind effects, razor sharp console quality graphics delivered by ‘Unreal Engine 4’ a pounding 2.  1 channel soundtrack and a challenging AI system are guaranteed to get player’s adrenaline pumping.  The sensational cabinet will wow players in any location.   Featuring a life-size realistic quadbike with huge lit wheels, chrome engine, stylish liveries and awesome lighting effects from top to bottom demands players attention.   In ATV Slam players must race to the finish line boosting,…
Ball Runner is a fantastic new redemption game from SEGA aimed at the whole family.   Combining mechanical and digital features the game creates a unique fun player experience.   The player slides balls along runners up the play field to hit lit targets and score points.   The more points you score, the more tickets you win.  
Pixel Chase is a brand new skill based redemption game in a brightly LED lit cabinet.   Players demonstrate their pitching skills by throwing as many balls into the 4x4 LED lit target holes within the time limit.   Target holes light up red, green or blue, which correspond to different scores.   If the player exceeds the ‘high score’, they win the bonus tickets.   The wide cabinet allows multiple players to throw the balls simultaneously.   Pixel Chase is perfect for all game centres and FEC.   
Hot Racers is a fun police chase game just for kids! Choose from either the motorcycle or the police car and chase the baddies in this colourful, action-packed ticket redemption game.   The game draws players in with its LED-lit seating and unique car shaped cabinet, which comes to life in the attract mode and grabs players attention!
Magic Arrow will test player’s accuracy in this brand new arcade prize merchandiser! Players will get the game straight away, all they have to do is aim the arrow and shoot for the prize they wish to win! It couldn't be simpler! Magic Arrow is not only perfect for any existing arcade location, but also bars, shopping malls and service stations.  
Score the latest Super Kixx Pro, Bubble Soccer game for endless hours of fun for the entire family.   Super Kixx Pro allows for competitive play for all ages modeled after the original Super Chexx game that has been a hit for over 35 years! Audio has been carefully crafted to sync with the game.   Super Kixx Pro allows players to pass, shoot and score just like they were actually playing themselves.  
The best guest experience you can find in a VR attraction! Allow your guests to experience the power of free roaming entertainment in a small footprint.   VR Maze features high immersion and no motion sickness in an environment that blends physical and virtual spaces.  
Say hello to the industry’s first attendant-free VR attraction.   Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride was created in partnership with Ubisoft, featuring the wild and wacky Rabbids.   Players can choose from three unique experiences, full of twists, turns, thrills and spills, for an all-ages VR attraction that lives up to the hype! Offering true 360˚ views with action in every direction, riders are immersed in a unique experience every time.   
Tons of Tickets is the most exciting evolution of the Ticket Crane.   Using RFID technology embedded in the ticket ring, players claw up as many rings as possible.   Then the ticket value is quickly calculated as rings drop through win zone and randomly distributed back on the playfield.   The LCD display plays an animations showing players their ticket winnings.   Tons of Tickets is easy to operate and the ticket rings never leave the crane.  
Whack A Clown is a brand new carnival themed redemption whacker with a fun new twist.   Like the traditional game, players must whack as many clowns as possible before the time runs out.   Different colour targets are worth different points values, with the challenging RED clown to avoid.   A whimsical mechanical arrow meter shows the player their skill level.   Link up to 8 games together to allow players to compete versus each other for big ticket values.   Classic carnival-style heckles and sounds makes this game highly entertaining at any location.  
SEGA brings the fun energetic and charming character Sonic to kids basketball.   Thanks to the smash hit global success of Sonic standard size basketball, operators can now also boost their income with this new game!
Experience Daytona Championship USA like you have never done before with this brand new motion super deluxe cabinet! The high quality, reliable pivot motion platform propels players from side to side, creating a unique sense of G-Force.  The Brass Ring award-winning Daytona Championship USA delivers arcade-perfect gameplay.   Great handling, force feedback steering, amazing ‘AI’ and ‘catch up’ feels so natural that players will think they are on the race track.   Challenge friends on six high-octane race track with new cars, auto or manual drive, as well as new game modes.  Fully lit super marquee with two ‘Live TV’ inspired spectator video billboards,…
Shoot It Win It is a new and innovative prize redemption game from Sega.   Player use the fun gun controller to shoot cork pellets at six targets located below each prize zone.   Shoot down all six targets to redeem the corresponding prize.   This game combines the fun of a shooting gallery with a high value merchandiser.  
Centipede Chaos, the hit 80’s classic crawler game is back to take over arcades around the globe! Cosmetically this game has some incredible features that make it stand out from the crowd.   The three LED-lit stools not only provide comfort for the players but are also very appealing in the game room.   The huge 75-inch monitor brings the graphics to life and “Chaos” even closer.   The oversized joysticks offer intuitive game play for all ages! Players must use the joystick and fire button to move their ship and blast down the creepy crawlies.   Incorporating many fun power ups and challenging…
Capto Crane is a contemporary new single player crane.   The bright LED edge lighting gives the game a unique and attractive look that draws player attention at any location.   Featuring two prize holders with a mirrored back maximises prize visibility.   Reliable mechanical parts, adjustable controls, easy to re-stock and operate - Capto Crane is a perfect addition to any FEC or arcade!
Cubic 4 Catcher is a brand-new prize crane from Sega, the makers of the global sensation UFO catcher crane.   Peek from above and try to catch the prizes! At just 1m (3.  2ft) high this game features a transparent ceiling giving the player a unique birds eye perspective that will fascinate them as they try to collect prizes.   A simple joystick controller let’s the player move the claw within a time limit.  Other players are quickly attracted to join the fun on this four player cabinet.   The see-through cabinet design, attractive lighting and a play position on every side makes this a…
Score some great earnings with Hoop It Up! This ultimate skill redemption game sees players launch the ball up in the air trying to get it through the moving hoop to win the “swinging bonus.  ” To win huge “mega bonus”, time the shot just right to land in the spinning “mega bonus” hole.   It’s a one-shot, fun-filled game! Players winner every time with Hoop It Up as the ball lands in one of many winning slots.  
Bring all the fun of a crane to your location with ICE Box.   Designed by leading crane manufacturer ICE, this game comes in as durable cabinet that features rolled steel construction, Epoxy powered coating and tempered safety glass.   ICE Box is a 100% skill game with attractive edge lighting and low height making it ideal for any location.  
Take a shot and score record-breaking earnings with the coolest puck launch game to ever hit the FEC market.   Players grab hold of the plunger mechanism and get ready to launch the LED-lit colour changing puck! Watch in excitement as the air hockey-like; gliding puck slides all the way into the bonus zone! Land completely inside a bonus zone to win the big-ticket bonus! Instant replays show the puck gliding in or out of the zones on the giant 40” screen, so there’s never a question on the results.   Miss landing in-between the red-lit bonus zone bars and you’re still…
Snow Ball Toss is the highly demanded and kid-friendly themed version of Down The Clown.   Players aim to knock down the mechanical snowmen with soft blue “snowballs”.   The more you knockdown, the more tickets you win! Multi-coloured LED-lit snowmen, combined with the LED ceiling lights brings this a snowy themed wonderland cabinet to life.