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Whack A Clown is a brand new carnival themed redemption whacker with a fun new twist.   Like the traditional game, players must whack as many clowns as possible before the time runs out.   Different colour targets are worth different points values, with the challenging RED clown to avoid.   A whimsical mechanical arrow meter shows the player their skill level.   Link up to 8 games together to allow players to compete versus each other for big ticket values.   Classic carnival-style heckles and sounds makes this game highly entertaining at any location.  
The ultimate alley roller is back with an all-new look! ICE Ball FX takes the original hit and brings it into the 21st century with a stunning new look and lighting effects! The classic gameplay remains the same of course, players roll the balls up the alley, aiming for the central pockets to score more points.   The more points they score the more tickets they win.  
As impossible as it seems, ICE has refined and enhanced the AIR FX air hockey playing experience!
Guide clumsy Luigi through huge ghost-infested mansions on an action-packed ghost hunt just for arcades.   Flash your Strobulb at the ghosts to stop them in their tracks and use the Poltergust 5000 to vacuum up the stunned ghosts energy.   Once the number above the ghosts head reaches zero, he goes bye-bye!Armed with the ghost-sucking Poltergust 5000 and other new gadgets, not only will you have to capture ghosts, but also solve puzzles and battle monster sized bosses.   Can you and Luigi build up the courage to save the day?
The second instalment in ICE's "Skill Wall" series, Down The Clown brings one of the most popular midway games right to your game room.   1 or 2 players throw balls at the mechanical clowns, the more you knock down, the more tickets you win! Featuring a custom canopy top, handmade clowns, LED's and a bright marquee, Down The Clown fits perfectly on your arcades skill wall next to Milk Jug Toss and ICE Ball!
Whack N Win is intuitive, challenging, and rewards players of all skill levels.   The special sensor pad allows for all age groups to give it a WHACK, and get the moving LED's to land in the Bonus Win Zone.  
With a new colourful rebrand for 2016, Sonic Sports Basketball features everything that made the original such a success, plus even more winning features!
The wait for a great prize redemption game is finally over - SEGA’s Key Master 2 is here! This game once again raises the bar in this game category.   Bright individually lit prize holders gives a fresh new look and makes prizes more eye catching.   New unique translucent header stands out from other prize vending games on location.   Key Master 2 is set to be the best prize redemption game for years to come.  
Tons of Tickets is the most exciting evolution of the Ticket Crane.   Using RFID technology embedded in the ticket ring, players claw up as many rings as possible.   Then the ticket value is quickly calculated as rings drop through win zone and randomly distributed back on the playfield.   The LCD display plays an animations showing players their ticket winnings.   Tons of Tickets is easy to operate and the ticket rings never leave the crane.  
Sega have brought together Sonic, redemption and a fast paced air hockey table to create a "must have" table for any location.  
With Super Chexx gameplay is fast, exciting, and realistic as the players on either side control all 5 hockey players and the goalie.   The game can be played as a one on one game, or in many cases, especially for tournaments, it is played two on two.   The games new Jumbo-Tron shows goals, shots on goal, period, and running time (which is operator adjustable).   There is an automatic puck return system, overhead dome lighting, and if a game is tied after the normal game play it will automatically go into sudden death overtime - so there's always a winner!!! Super Chexx can…
The follow-up to the number one Sega action adventure ‘Let’s Go Jungle’ is back and re-imagined in this all new Dream Edition motion cabinet.   Once again players are on a South Pacific island diving tour and soon end up in trouble with dastardly and despicable pirates.   Players must work together to survive everything the island has to throw at them.   Be immersed in this non-stop island adventure with it’s 55” LED screen, frantic rapid fire game play and brand new family fun dream motion seat!NOW AVAILABLE: Convert your Dream Raiders to Let's Go Island with the brand new conversion kit! Kit…
NBA Game Time is the all new mid-sized basketball game from ICE, the makers of the favourite and ever durable street game NBA Hoops!Redesigned with the same ICE quality, made in the USA, but now incorporates new swish gameplay features, eye-catching LED lighting, slam dunk sound effects, plus a ton of operator adjustable features to make it unique to your location.  NBA Game Time is an officially licensed NBA  product, featuring striking NBA graphics or you can customise it with you favourite NBA team! A Hoop FX theme is also available to fit in perfectly the ICE Ball & Air FX…
Sega presents its brand new redemption game based on the all-time classic carnival game Hoopla.   Designed specifically to encourage parents, kids and friends to play together, players must simply get the hoops on the seven illuminated pegs to win tickets.    With its colourful carnival theming and “Roll Up, Roll Up” style audio effects, Hoopla makes a perfect addition to any FEC and with it’s intuitive and fun gameplay Hoopla is a must play game for any player and will become a classic for generations to come!
DAYTONA® USA is the holy grail of arcade racing - First launched in 1994, this brand new entry brings Sega’s #1 racer screeching into the 21st century! DAYTONA® Championship USA features three brand new tracks including a recreation of the newly renovated DAYTONA International Speedway®! In addition, the original three classic courses have been remastered for the modern era.  Sega has gone all out to stand out from the pack! Lit from top to bottom DAYTONA® even has a moulded under seat engine! New game features include a live camera feed so you can enjoy maximum bragging rights as you overtake your friends!…
Target Bravo: Operation Ghost puts players in the shoes of highly trained special force agents.   They must use precision shooting and quick reactions to complete the mission whilst using some of the brand new tools at their disposal in this brand new 55” LED” Theatre edition of the evergreen Sega franchise! As well as new weapons, gadgets and equipment, Target Bravo: Operation Ghost allows players to start at any stage of the game, thereby encouraging them to come back and play their favourite stages again and again!
Wheel of Fortune has come to life in this beautifully impressive re-creation of the game show classic, making it perfect for any FEC.   Following the original game format of spelling out ‘WHEEL OF FORTUNE’! Players simply spin the huge wheel with one pull of the lever – every spin will add a letter to the puzzle and pay out tickets.   Complete all the words and scoop the big bonus ticket win! With an interactive game show host and voice-over prompts, this game is sure to keep players wanting to spin the wheel one more time.  
TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising is the long-awaited follow up to the smash hit licensed video game TRANSFORMERS Human Alliance.   In TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising, players are partnered with three movie’s stars, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sideswipe to stop evil Megatron’s plans.   Players must battle their way across America, Europe, Asia and the earths solar system in this action packed game.   The game is presented in a sensational cabinet, based on the truck vehicle mode of the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime.   With gorgeous chrome exhausts, big grill and lifelike Optimus Prime head this cabinet is designed to stand out in any…
Hoops FX is the all new mid-sized basketball game from ICE, the makers of the favourite and ever durable street game NBA Hoops!Redesigned with the same ICE quality, made in the USA, but now incorporates new swish gameplay features, eye-catching LED lighting, slam dunk sound effects, plus a ton of operator adjustable features to make it unique to your location.  Hoop FX theme fits perfectly with the ICE Ball FX and Air FX range!
From the world leading manufacturer ICE, who have created top redemption games like Down the Clown, Milk Jug Toss and Whack N Win, comes their latest smash hit Bean Bag Toss! Bean Bag Toss fits right into your existing Skill Wall and builds upon that classic carnival theme that's all about good old fashioned fun for all the family! Simple and intuitive, Bean Bag Toss has players toss beanbags into target holes on a spinning disc, with the added feature of allowing them to score extra points by getting three holes of the same colour in a row.   Just like all…