Thunderbirds Are Go!

The Tracy brothers are back! Season 2 of the hot new “Thunderbirds Are Go!” TV series is currently airing every Saturday afternoon on ITV. A cherished children’s television property, Thunderbirds has been rebuilt from the ground up in stunning high definition CG detail. Thunderbirds has evolved into a modern action adventure series, full of plot twists and cliff hangers. The show has a massive fan base among audiences of all ages, appealing to both Boy’s and Girl’s. Our Thunderbirds Are Go! collection brings to life the 5 Tracy brothers as chibi plush toys for the very first time. Each one of the brothers features their own individual hair styles constructed from soft plush fabric, embroidered faces and highly detailed uniforms.
Product Info
  • Product Name | Thunderbirds Are Go!
  • Product Size | 22cm
  • Product Code | 312068
  • Product Assortment | 5 designs
  • Carton Quantity | 48pcs per carton


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