Artlist Collection The Dog A Pug's Life

The super cute pug breed has become a global sensation. With pug themed merchandise trending worldwide, no collection is truly complete without our fabulous new  Artlist’s The Dog - A Pug’s Life plush toys. This collectible range features 4 exciting designs, the satin bow pug, hilarious mustache pug, fabulous tutu pug & super geek pug. This highly successful puppy photography franchise from Japan, THE DOG is photographed with a fish eye lens at unique angles, creating irresistibly adorable images. This popular evergreen brand has a tremendous recognition factor generated by promotions like McDonald’s Happy Meals, delivering brand awareness to millions worldwide.
Product Info
  • Product Name | The Dog A Pug's Life
  • Product Size | 25cm
  • Product Code | 320995
  • Product Assortment | 4 Designs
  • Carton Quantity | 48pcs per carton
Artlist Collection the Dog A Pug's Life

Artlist Collection the Dog A Pug's Life

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