Unlocking Key Master Mini!

Sega’s award winning prize vending game Key Master now adds a new member to the family – Key Master Mini.

Key Master Mini brings the same fun gameplay as Key Master Standard where player’s, eye to hand coordination is put to the test as they try to unlock prizes by putting the key in “just” the right spot! But in the case of Key Master Mini, the cabinet is narrower thus making it perfect for smaller location. The narrower cabinet offers players the opportunity to play for nine prizes, three on each level, so there is always plenty of choice to play for the player.

“The absolutely massive success of Key Master often prompted the question - is there a smaller version of Key Master? From smaller arcade owners, pub chains and retailer operators, as they also wanted to replicate the incredible earnings potential of key master but in a compact version to suit their Location. We took on board comments and suggestions from these operators in developing the new version, and ensure it was developed just right for the market” Said Justin Burke, General Manager at Sega. He continued “We are extremely pleased by the final product and we know that the operators will love the new Key Master Mini.”

Built to the highest standard that is both robust and attractive, the narrow cabinet measures just 70cm wide, 95cm deep and 181cm tall and is available in a slick jet black colour. Key Master is available for shipping now so contact your local Sega authorised distributor or contact Sega directly on sales@segaarcade.com or +44 (0) 2083918090.