Transformers Human Alliance Wins Operators' Choice Awards

At the recent DEAL show in Dubai, Sega was awarded Middle East Operators' Choice Awards for its Video game Transformers Human Alliance Theatre. The awards were presented by leading UAE-based design equipment and support solutions provider, Amusement Services International (ASI).

Accepting the award Sega’s International Sales Manager Maria Carmen Villarroya says, “It is such a great honour to be receiving this award for Transformers especially as it comes from the Operators. The awards are a fantastic way of recognising the very best games operated in the Middle East region and a way of acknowledging the innovation and creativity of the manufacturers that build the games.”

Transformers Human Alliance Theatre is based on the iconic franchise brand is universally recognized for delivering high quality, high-energy entertainment. The bright yellow cabinet with chrome trimmings, life like Bumblebee top flash and 55” HD display, sees players shoot down evil Decepticons to complete missions across five major cities. The success of the franchise to date coupled with the action-packed game-play appeals to customers globally.

The Middle East Operators' Choice Awards nomination and selection process is rigorous and fair. The process commences with ASI tabulating sales quantity data for games then they use this data to decide on nominations. The nominations are sent to operators to vote for games that added the most value to their locations. Operators vote games on value-driving criteria such as revenue per square foot, dwell time, look and feel and game plays.

Maria concluded “The award is incredibly special to us as it acknowledges the quality, longevity and revenue potential of Transformers. From all of us at Sega, we would say a “Big Thank You” to all the operators and ASI for bestowing this prestigious award for Transformers Human Alliance Theatre.”

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