Transformers Human Alliance Available Now

To date, the three Transformers movies have taken in over $2.6 Billion. Transformers is a brand universally recognized for delivering high quality, high-energy entertainment and SEGA is proud to bring it to the amusement industry. “Of all the current licensed titles available as video games, none has the broad demographic appeal enjoyed by Transformers,” said SEGA COO and President, Paul Williams. “Transformer’s is a brand that’s perfect for our industry; it’s family-friendly while still appealing to teens and young adults.”

To ensure supply will meet demand, SEGA has begun production on both sides of the Atlantic. “We’ve got factories in the US and UK producing Transformers so we’re able to service the needs of our markets as quickly and economically as possible,” continued Williams. “Our distributors will find a ready supply of product available to meet what is sure to be very high demand for an extraordinary title.” 

Click on the below links to see action-packed video taken directly from the game play. 

Transformers – Human Alliance Actual Game Play – 1. 

Transformers – Human Alliance Actual Game Play – 2. 

Transformers – Human Alliance is now available in two outstanding configurations. Both are available now. 

Transformers - Human Alliance 42” Deluxe. – Two-player up-right game with fixed position blasters. The look of this game will complement any and all amusement centers. 

Transformers - Human Alliance 55" Theatre – Two player sit-down environmental theatre game. Its accent LED lighting and Bumblebee Head create an incredibly impressive presentation sure to attract a crowd. 

Every Transformers – Human Alliance game purchased includes a free, 5-foot tall POS Standee. It’s an attractive way to let your players know the best game of the year is here! 

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