Showdown‘s Showing Up!

Sega’S New Showdown Smash-Em-Up Driving Game Is Shipping Now!

About Showdown

Racing games are a popular format for video games – have been since 1974 when Atari introduced “Gran Trak 10”. Almost every racing game since has been confined to a track with the goal of getting to the finish line faster than your opponent. That’s all fine and good but it’s starting to feel a bit “Been there, done that”… SEGA decided it’s time for a change.

Building on their extremely successful partnership with Codemasters, (the team that brought us GRID) SEGA proudly introduces Showdown - a no-holds-barred, smash-the-other-guy-to-smithereens tour of motorized mayhem. In Showdown, the object is less about beating the other guy to the finish line as it is, well…. just beating the other guy to pieces. The only rule? Be the last car running. To get there, you’re gonna need to leave more than just a few marks.

About Showdown Gameplay

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to drive in a Demolition Derby? If you answered “yes” than Showdown is the game for you. Showdown game play puts you at the controls of one of 20 different high-octane wrecking machines. Your job is to unleash your inner mayhem in one of four different arenas.

Race Off – Sure, it’s a race to the finish line but there aren’t many races where drivers are encouraged to leave a trail of destruction and wreckage in their wake.
Demolition – Take the rule book and burn it. Your job is to smash, bash and crush your way in a Take-No-Prisoners, Last-Person-Standing, Battle-Royale of Attrition!
Knockout – What happens when you hold a demolition derby on a platform 40 feet off the ground with no fences to keep you from being pushed off the edge? Pure anarchy, that’s what.
Crossroads – Throw a bunch of high-speed Instruments-of-Annihilation on a wide open track with multiple figure 8’s and you know what you get? T-Bones and we’re not talking prime aged beef….
“Showdown lets players unleash that primal desire for wanton destruction without having to call an insurance agent to find out if the damage is covered,” said Sega Amusements President and COO, Paul Williams. “You’ll need to keep your head on a swivel or you’re going to find your car pounded to bits in short order by your opponents. This is not a game where ‘letting the other guy in’ will score you any points. This is every man for himself!” To see actual video from the game click on these two links.

Showdown Video No. 1
Showdown Video No. 2
About Showdown Cabinet Configurations and Player Controls.

Showdown is being released in two distinct cabinets.
Showdown Motion-Based, 4-Player Special Attraction
Showdown 42” Deluxe Single Player Sit-Down
“Location Based Entertainment Center, (LBE) operators have been asking SEGA for a new attraction game since we stopped producing the extraordinary OutRun 2 Special,” continued Williams. “The growth of this market segment and their desire to offer their guests unique, signature experiences led us to the development of Showdown Special Attraction.”

In Showdown Special Attraction, players are seated in front of their own massive 65” HD LED display that takes in your entire field of vision.

Showdown Special Attraction includes a long list of impressive features including:

A Signature LED Lit Surround Marquee including 2 huge HD displays that show player’s real time reactions during game play and exciting Showdown TV during attract mode.
Translucent rear fascia panels.
4 Player positions linked for incredible head-to-head action.
Pivot Motion Technology Cabinet Design. You’ll feel like you’re part of the action when the cabinet sways side to side as you careen around turns or find yourself unlucky enough to get T-Boned by one of your “friends”.
An authentic dashboard with race ready working dials, warning lights and switches. There’s even a 5.1 surround sound system that blasts the roar of the race at you from all sides and an actual working “Wreckage Radio” you can tune to some of the highest energy rock stations you’ve ever heard!
In Showdown 42” Deluxe, you get all the game play action of the Special Attraction in a footprint that allows access to a great many more locations. Perfect for pizza-cades, movie theaters, bowling centers, big box retail and more – Showdown 42” Dlx. will attract players in a way no driving game has been able to for a long time.

About Showdown - Assembled Dimensions

Showdown 4-Player Special Attraction: D88” x W366” x H113”; D2236mm x W9297mm x H2871mm
Showdown 42” Deluxe Single Player Sit-Down: D71” x W51” x H81”; D1804mm x W 1296mm x H 2058mm
About Showdown Availability

Both the Showdown Special Attraction and 42” Dlx are available for immediate delivery. Check with your local Authorized SEGA Distributor or SEGA Amusements Sales Representative on +44 (0)208 391 8090 or +1 (847) 364-9787 or, to find out when they’ll be showing up in your area.