Sega's Transformers lands at Dave & Busters Orlando Style

SEGA Creates a One-of-a-Kind Transformer’s Promotional Element to Coincide with IAAPA 2013. SEGA’s marketing team worked with Dave and Busters Executive Management to create an amazing point-of-sale promotional element at the Dave and Busters location on International Drive, (I-Drive) in Orlando. The promotional element and Transformer 55” Theatre Deluxe game were both placed on location Monday, 18 November - 2 days before the 2013 IAAPA Expo began.

Coming into this year’s IAAPA show, SEGA knew they had a hit with Transformers – Human Alliance. The company wanted to make a statement with this game but at a show like IAAPA and in a city like Orlando, getting noticed requires some creativity. General Manager, Peter Gustafson shares how the promotion came about. “With Transformers, we wanted to create awareness that went well beyond simply placing the game on a trade show floor and hoping people played it. We wanted our promotion to have an impact, to ‘cause the pause’ as I like to say but at IAAPA and in a city like Orlando, that’s a pretty tall order.” 

SEGA called the management team at Dave and Busters and pitched an out-of-the-box idea to them. Sega wanted to use the Dave and Busters’ on I-Drive as a backdrop to promote the launch of Transformers – Human Alliance. The goal - to expand the promotion of Transformers beyond the IAAPA show floor while still in a space attendees would likely be visiting during the week of the show. The management team at Dave and Busters liked the idea but cautioned SEGA not to create anything that overwhelmed the location, whatever SEGA came up with had to complement the location. 

SEGA’S marketing team got to work. They utilized the actual building itself in a way that had never been done before. “The Dave and Busters on I Drive is a unique location in that the entire entertainment area is on the second floor. When looking at the location, we immediately recognized the 2-story atrium - which can be seen from I Drive - as the perfect canvas to create the kind of impact promotion we were hoping to achieve. The entry stairway in the atrium is architecturally stunning. It’s a floating design comprised of glass risers that are fully illuminated from underneath. We took advantage of this architectural feature by creating a giant Transformer promotional image made up of 80 individual decals. When applied, these 80 decals covered each of the 20 individual risers from side to side. The resulting image appears 3D when viewed by IAAPA attendees and anyone else visiting this location. It delivered the big impression and impact we were looking for while keeping with the wishes of the Dave and Busters management team not to detract from or overpower their valuable brand.” 

In addition to the stair art, Sega created a 5-foot tall Point-of-Sale Transformers Standee. Every Transformers game will ship with a free standee. “It’s an attractive promotional element that lets your guests know Transformers is here,” concluded Gustafson. 

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