Sega's Ready for IAAPA 2014!

In less than a month, 27,000 visitors from over 100 nations will descend on Orlando, Florida for the 96th Annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attraction Expo, (IAAPA). They’re certain to be wowed by the latest products and services targeting the Global Amusement Park Industry.

Sega plans on being one exhibitor attendees are sure to remember. “Our IAAPA exhibit will be the largest we’ve ever executed,” said Sega President and COO Paul Williams. “We’ll cover 3,600 square feet with an exciting variety of state-of-the-art amusement games, compelling attractions, and licensed and proprietary redemption merchandise that’s sure to be the talk of the show.”

Leading the way will be Sega’s latest Special Attraction game - Showdown. “Showdown represents the next generation of video attractions,” continued Williams. “It possesses breakthrough technologies never before seen in a video amusement game. It’s really more an experience than simply playing a video game and I believe Showdown Special Attraction will set the new standard for what an attraction piece can, and should deliver.”

Based on the console game DiRT Showdown by racing specialists Codemasters – the developer that produced Sega’s smash hit GRID arcade racing game – Showdown is a stunning bespoke production for arcade. Gameplay is tuned for the arcade audience and engrosses players in the action by taking advantage of the ground-breaking technologies featured in its Special Attraction Cabinet. Players are seated in front of one of four massive 100 Inch Curved, Hybrid Laser LED HD Projection Displays for the ultimate in immersion – gamers will have never seen anything like it in an amusement arcade.

In addition to its revolutionary display technology, Showdown Special Attraction includes a huge list of incredible features, including:

A Signature LED Lit Surround Marquee includes two huge HD displays that show players’ real time reactions during game play and an exciting Showdown TV production during the attract mode.
Translucent rear fascia panels.
Four player positions linked for incredible head-to-head action.
Pivot Motion Technology Cabinet Design - you’ll literally feel like you’re part of the action when the cabinet sways side-to-side as you clatter around bends or find yourself unlucky enough to get T-Boned by one of your “friends”!
An authentic dashboard with race-ready working dials, warning lights and switches.
A 5.1 surround sound system blasts the roar of the race at you from all sides and pumps out the sound from a fully working “Wreckage Radio”, featuring a choice of high energy rock stations to tune into featuring licensed tracks!

Showdown gives players 20 exhilarating wrecking racing machines to master – perfect for unleashing mayhem as they choose from one of four thrilling disciplines:

Race-Off – A full-contact race to the finish line where the winner will leave a trail of destruction and wreckage in their wake.
Demolition – The rule book goes out the window - smash, bash and crush your way through a take-no-prisoners, last-person-standing, battle-royale of racing attrition!
Knockout – What happens when you hold a demolition derby on a platform 40 feet off the ground with no fences to keep you from being pushed off the edge? Pure anarchy, that’s what!
Crossroads – Throw a bunch of high-speed instruments-of-annihilation onto a wide open figure 8 track and you know what you get? T-Bones, and we’re not talking prime aged beef….

Showdown Special Attraction is just one of many exciting titles to be displayed on the Sega Stand. On display will be a mind-boggling 29 titles including 6 licensed titles in 64 cabinet configurations covering 12 distinct categories of amusement games. Attendees will be enthralled by a variety of new titles as well as bigger versions of current hit games including:

NEW Hello Kitty Kids Air Hockey Table
NEW Pirates Show 3-Player Shooting Gallery Carnival Midway Game
NEW Mini Key Master and Mini Prize Locker High Value Prize Vending Games
NEW 60” Deluxe Plants vs Zombies™ The Last Stand Vid-Demption Game
NEW 80” Super Deluxe Transformers Human Alliance Video Amusement Game
NEW 42” Pirates of Monster Island Vid-Demption Game
NEW Super Booth Photo-Tainment Machine with new player friendly Movable Camera Base

But wait, there’s more!

Sega’s Prize Division will be exhibiting Plants vs Zombies ™ and Doodle Jump licensed merchandise along with exciting new products from their proprietary Tokio Technology Line including the new Tokio Time Smart Watch, Tokio Tablet 3.0 and Tokio Sound Blue Tooth Speaker.

“IAAPA 2014 is poised to be our best IAAPA ever,” concluded Williams. “The breadth of innovative product utilizing cutting edge technologies across such a wide spectrum of licenses and formats is unprecedented for Sega, and I think for the industry as well. It demonstrates how as a company and an industry we’re maintaining relevance by continuing to develop experiences that drive people off their sofas and into their local amusement centers!”

If you want to see what the future of out-of-home-entertainment looks like, make plans to visit Sega’s IAAPA booths 1606 and 1806 from 18 – 21 November 2014. We’re confident it’ll be time very well spent and who knows? – you might find yourself having fun in the process…. at least that’s the idea.