Sega at Electrocoin Open Day 2017

Sega shows Luigi’s Mansion Arcade at Electrocoin Open Day 2017

Sega's Justin Burke, Steve D’Arcy, Darrell Webb (pictured), Peter Murphy from Sega Total Solutions and Maxine Davidson from Sega Prize International, attended the annual Electrocoin Open Day.

Justin Burke, General Manager at Sega said “We’ve attend Electrocoin Open Day for several years now and we find it’s a great place to meet our customers. This year we decide to bring our top-of-the-line theatre game Luigi’s Mansion Arcade. Unlike many video games on the market that focus on shooting, Luigi’s Mansion is all about catching pesky ghosts, gold coins and hidden treasures. The game is a lot of fun and offers excitement that the whole family can enjoy - well that’s what you would expect of a game developed by Capcom and Nintendo. The cabinet is equally impressive and is packed with lots of great features.”

Justin concluded with “Luigi’s Mansion is a big hit in USA taking in strong income and we are seeing the demand for rest of the world is also heating up.”

Click here to watch a quick video for Luigi’s Mansion Arcade and to order contact Sega on +44 (0)208 391 8090.