Sega Service Centre centralise 3rd Party Support

Knowing how important the cashbox is to an operator ‘The Sega Service Centre’ pride themselves on their ability to repair/service many Sega products and have it on the way back to the customer within 3 days. They are now able to offer their customers the same esteemed service on 3rd party products, in particular ICE and Triotech.

This department is purposefully growing and getting stronger and with their plethora of technical & product knowledge the team hold there has been an impressive increase in new customers noticed. 

2013 has seen an increase of nearly 200% of repairs carried out on ICE products such as Deal or no Deal, NBA Hoops and Cranes such as X-Factor mainly driven by the attentive level of work carried out by the Service Department not to mention their standard 90 day repair guarantee. With a loaded arsenal of dedicated test fixtures, the Sega Service Centre is armed & ready to offer repairs, advanced replacement & technical support on many Sega and 3rd Party Products 

Regular product training with the Sega and 3rd Party manufacturing divisions is an essential element to their success providing training at the highest level keeping the guys at the top of their game. The ethos is to provide the same level of support from Sega as if you were to call the 3rd Party manufacturer directly.