Sega Prize goes the distance

Sega Prize travel the globe searching for factories that offer real customer value, however the downside of this means they have to spend long periods of time away from their loved ones travelling to faraway places. Whenever you talk about visiting the Far East for most the idea sounds positively glamorous jet setting around the globe, whereas in reality this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

During the summer the Sega Prize team visited their factory in Indonesia to develop the new range of Doodle Jump plush, the journey there was just the start of a marathon trip! Any 24 hour journey is brutal but for us our reward is witnessing first-hand the picturesque location of the factory. Indonesia feels like a different world compared to the familiar surroundings of the UK, exotic fruit grows wild on the side of the road whilst numerous stalls line up into the distance selling a variety of goods. 

Sega Prize has been working with this particular factory since 2008 producing Hello Kitty and has watched their company grow from 1200 staff to now in excess of 1800! Sega Prize will only work with factories that ensure their staff are looked after and that they comply to all industry standards, in the case of this factory they are accredited with iso 9001 & ICTI standards which are a true testament to their responsibility as an employer. However, I’m not sure that SEGA would let their staff sing Karaoke over the tannoy in the afternoon at the end of their shift? 

After a week of house arrest at the nearest hotel surrounded by rain forest with only the daily excursion to the factory to look forward to, its time to go home in the knowledge that our merchandise is being produced with the care and attention that we are proud to put our name to it. 

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