Merry Christmas! But where did the summer go?!

I know that I rambled on previously that the summer was over quickly, but can someone please explain to me where the last three months have gone? It seems like only yesterday, well, the end of August to be exact, that I was looking forward to the delights that the Patisserie’s of Paris in the Autumn were about to implant into my internal combustion system, and now, several weeks later, having re-fuelled said combustion system with ludicrously copious amounts of red meat during an

impressive and successful IAAPA exhibition in sunny Florida, I find myself just two weeks away from Christmas dinner (another huge implant!) and preparing for the EAG in London in January and IAAPI, the exhibition in Mumbai, India in February. 

All three upcoming events of equal importance!! 

I’ve suddenly noticed how often I mention food! Mind you, I will firmly admit to having eaten my way around at least half of the globe in the last 12 months!! The old internal combustion system seems to be working pretty well!! 

Now, here’s something that occurred to me while I was at the IAAPA show in Florida. There I was, standing in the show hall during build up, contemplating my next meal (not really!!) when my erstwhile colleagues here at Sega began to erect a 17 foot model of Optimus Prime, one of the characters from the huge film and toy franchise Transformers (which just happens to be the license on Sega’s latest blockbuster video game!) 

As the model was erected piece by piece, I found myself thinking “I wouldn’t want to be the person who disassembles that thing!” I really don’t have a fear of heights, but, to explain just how big this model was, I could walk in between its legs without banging my head on its tackle! (Hopefully, you get the point!!) 

Anyway, when it came to break down at the end of the show, I watched one of our lads, Ryan (Welsh! must be brave!) harnessed to a forklift, raised to the very top of the models head in an attempt to remove it from its shoulders. It occurred to me, at that very moment that, for a 17 foot tall model to get between a Welshman’s legs without hitting his tackle!! Pretty impressive!! Talking about tackle, the world cup group draw took place last Friday, pairing England with Uruguay, Costa Rica and Italy. Am I the only person in the country that thinks that four years of preparation for a tournament that looks like lasting 4 days is a bit excessive? 

Finally, our world cup opponents next summer, Italy, will have the pleasure of my company over Christmas this year. So, I am going to get an early opportunity to start teasing them about our chances of thrashing the living daylights out of them! Should make for a very interesting family Christmas!! 

Talking of which, I hope you all have a wonderful, magical, restful and filling Christmas, and that Santa brings you everything you want. Looking forward to seeing all the new socks and hanky’s at the EAG!! 

Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone!! Steve