Let’s Go Island Conversion Kit for Dream Raiders: Pre-Order Yours Now!

The highly reliable Dream Raiders now gets a brand new conversion kit so that operators can revamp their game to the new motion adventure game Let's Go Island Dream Edition.

Let’s Go Island Dream Edition is a follow-up to Sega’s number one action adventure game 'Let's Go Jungle'. In the new game, players will find themselves on a scenic South Pacific island tour. They quickly discover there is more than meets the eye on the idyllic island. Infested with wild creatures and dastardly pirates, players have to work together to survive everything the island has to throw at them.

The game features a huge 55” screen that delivers immersive gameplay; two rapid-fire dual trigger blasters with force feedback that are fun to use; multi-coloured LED lighting effects and sub-woofer sound system that all combine to give players a compelling game play experience.

Operators will be pleased to know that the conversion kit is simple to install and includes software, security key, five plastic mouldings and a set of decals.

Let’s Go Island Dream Edition is also available as a standalone cabinet, which features the highly reliable, robust motion base system from Dream Raiders. This well-designed motion system does not include expensive actuators, instead it uses electric motors and gears that have proven to be dependable and cost efficient.” Commented Justin Burke, General Manager at Sega.

To order Let’s Go Island Dream Edition or the conversion kit for Dream Raiders contact your Authorised Distributor or Sega on +1 847 364 9787 or email at sales@segaarcade.com