Kids Go On Safari Without Leaving The Arcade

SEGA announces the release of the new Let’s Go Safari Edu-Tainment game.

Let’s Go Safari put’s players at the wheel of a expedition vehicle transporting them to exotic places where they’ll see and learn about animals and their habitats from around the world! Along the way, players interact with the game by steering the truck, switching gears, turning on the windshield wipers, making fireworks appear, honking the horn and pushing buttons that bring up fun facts about the animal they’re about to visit. Once a destination is reached, players are entertained by a collection of 28 different wildlife videos of animals in their natural habitat including Momma Bears and Baby Bears, Zebra’s, Eagles and Lions.

"Combining entertainment with education is a tried and true formula that’s worked in children’s television for many years,” said Sega’s Senior Sales Manager, Vince Moreno. “We’re bringing this winning formula to family entertainment centres with Let’s Go Safari. The game is designed to accommodate two children or a child and an adult creating a space of shared enjoyment which is one of ‘if not the’ biggest attractions to family entertainment centres in the first place!”

The cabinet features attractive artwork on all four sides making it an ideal game to place against a window or featured as a standalone “island” within a location.

There are four unique safaris, each featuring seven different animals to learn about. Along the way, players can push 1 of 3 different Fun Fact buttons. Button 1 makes the sound of the animal, button 2 brings up a voice over saying the animals name in Spanish, and button 3 pops up an outline of the animal with a silhouette of a human adult and child next to it so players know how big the animal is. Kid’s eyes get mighty big when they see how small they in comparison to an adult lion!

Once a destination is reached, a short video educates the player with some interesting facts about the animal and then it's on to the next destination!

Assembled Dimensions:
1194mm Deep x 1016mm Wide x 1905mm High.
47”Deep x 40”Wide x 75”High.

Shipping Dimensions:
1320mm Deep x 1067mm Wide x 2032mm High – Weight 216Kgs.
52”Deep x 42”Wide x 80”High - Weight 475 Pounds

Production units are now available for immediate delivery. Contact your Sega directly on +44 (0)208 391 8090 or +1 (847) 364-9787 or email us on or your local Authorized Sega Distributor for more information.