EMEA News: Tokio Technology at Glastonbury

During the summer months many of us will be attending music festivals and generally enjoying the outdoors. Our Tokio lifestyle range is designed to enhance the summer experience in everyway. Whether you are taking selfies by the beach, listening to music by the campfire or using the sun to power your devices. Tokio is always there to make life just that little bit easier, so you can enjoy yourself that much more.

This month, armed with his trusty Tokio Technology devices, our very own Alex “Don-Don” Donovan, Junior Designer at Sega Amusements attended the prestigious Glastonbury festival.

Q. How was Glastonbury Alex?
A. It was unbelievable like no other festival I have ever been to before. There’s too much to see in one go, I definitely plan to go again next year.

Q. What was your favourite moment?
A. Chemical Brothers! The sound was amazing and they played so many classic songs, it was the most exciting way to end the festival. The production was great, there were robots, crazy lighting and it was truly spectacular. The performance literally blew my mind I was left speechless.

Q. Who did you go with?
A. Eight friends plus I already knew people who were going, all massive music fans.

Q. What was the camping experience like?
A. We paid a bit extra and stayed in the pre-made Glastonbury tepees. It was nice they were all arranged in such a way that we had a nice communal space.

Q. Outside of the festival itself how did your group keep yourselves entertained?
A. We all sat around and ate BBQ, reminiscing over the events and acts we had seen over a few drinks and listened to music on our Tokio Sound.

Q. How was your experience of the Tokio Sound ?
A. I’ve tried many other leading brands and the quality of the Tokio Sound was very impressive and much louder. Many of my group were impressed and left the festival asking where they could get one. They commented on how much they loved the simple cube design, long battery life and clear but powerful sound quality.

Q. How many of your friends ran out of battery?
A. All of us! Even the guy with the Nokia who kept boasting about how great the battery life was haha! It was really handy to have my Tokio Power on me at the festival.

Q. How well do you think the Tokio Power performed out there?
A. It charged my phone really quickly, so I could keep using my phone to find people I was with and keep up to date with the latest festival news. As they were regularly changing the schedule and announcing secret gigs on twitter! It was perfect weather, there was a lot of sunlight and we were able to make use of the solar panel feature too!

Q. Overall how did you feel your Tokio products performed in the festival environment?
A. Great! Both products were a nice size and didn’t take up much room in my bag, which is essential when you’re packing lightly. The Sound preformed exceptionally well, even in a crowded campsite and the Power of course kept my device going over the long weekend. So overall I would have to say they made excellent festival companions!

At Sega we are really pleased that we are able to improve Alex’s summer experience and as the heat wave continues we hope to improve many others.

For more information regarding Tokio Technology please contact us at sega.prize@sega.co.uk, call us on +44(0) 208 391 8089 or visit www.segaprize.co.uk