EMEA News: Sun, Seaside and Sega

Sega has always viewed the great British seaside as one of the key barometers on the world amusement trade. “Whilst around the world there are many styles of operation the UK seaside arcade has it all under one roof”, explains Sega’s Justin Burke, “it’s all there, every style of machine you can imagine, and as such is of key importance to us at Sega as a source of knowledge and experience – as without doubt the operators in this sector are some of the most imaginative, creative and experienced in the world. If it works here you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll pretty much work anywhere in the modern amusement world of FEC, bowling locations and the like”.

Currently the ICE range of redemption product range is proving its weight in gold for seaside operators, which is reflection of locations around the world – the ‘Carnival Classics’ range of Down the Clown, Milk Jug Toss, Whack n Win, ICE Ball FX and the newest Gold Fishin' are the “big thing right now and we see no signs of it stopping. These games are FUN! They promote a family experience, it’s about memories – both new ones created now and the ones of parents who experienced these carnival games as kids and want to relive that with their own kids” says Justin.

While at the same time of having these traditional style games there is still room for current world renowned licensed games, such as ‘Plants vs Zombies The Last Stand’ available in both video and ‘whacker’ style games. These have entered the market and are bringing their unique charming character and game play style to redemption for all the family.

Staying with licence theme and with a new film imminent from a massive brand ‘Kung Fu Panda’ has proven a hit at all trade shows exhibited so far. The impressive show piece cabinet based on a Chinese pagoda features six ‘pads’ for the player to hit in timing with the onscreen Panda character, successful players can progress to second and third levels – again another interactive game for all ages.

What is clear that there is a wide range of games on offer with proven long term earning that will become the bedrock of any seaside arcade, “providing product that grow operators business’ and offering value and fun for the family player is what we are all about”, concluded Burke.