EMEA News: Skill Wall - All you need to know!

The now familiar term “Skill Wall” is fast becoming as well used as Redemption, Crane or Pusher – and rapidly becoming the next big thing in the FEC sector. Since its arrival just two years ago FEC operators are looking to implement the skill wall’s winning formula in their location.

So what is Skill Wall?
Sega’s General Manager Justin Burke explains “The philosophy behind the Skill Wall is about the synergy of a collection of ‘interactive skill-based family games’ and not one specific product. A collection of these games banked together against a wall results in a family fun zone that breaths a new level of excitement for players and income for operators”.

What makes the Skill Wall so Successful?
To explain this Burke says, “The rebirth of the tradition carnival style games is largely thanks to Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE). The American-based redemption game developer and manufacturer that has come out with hit after hit game in the past few years in this genre. Thus allowing operators to build over time their own Skill Walls”.

Joe Coppola, Vice President of Sales at ICE added, “Our strategy here was really quite simple, we wanted to ‘re-invent and re-energize’ the skill wall with some new products. Clearly carnival style games have always been popular and timeless! Not to mention the skill aspect of the games are great for both the operators and the players. Players know these games are games of skill, the more they practice, the better they score. In order to practice more they must play more which means more cash in the cashbox. Everyone is a winner.”

How can you build your own Skill Wall?
Many operators start their Skill Wall with traditional games like Basket Ball and Alley Rollers, ICEBALL FX being the latest 'all singing all dancing' version on the market. The added LED lighting on these games makes them a real focus point of any location - "many locations have reported a 25%+ increase in income against their old alleys", commented Burke. Following on from that operators are adding Milk Jug Toss, Whack N Win, Down the Clown and this year's latest addition to the 'Carnival Classics' range Gold Fishin'.

What are some of the other benefits?
One of the other key benefits games like Milk Jug Toss, Down the Clown or Gold Fishin', is that they promote a family experience. "Games are meant to be fun and promote socialising among friends and family. ICE looked at the Carnival, a place where every adult has memories playing games with their family as a kid, and where parents now share those same moments with their kids. You play for the prize, but really you were always playing because it's fun" stated Drew Krouse, Head of R&D at ICE.

What about the long term view?
“These are long-term pieces that will last in any FEC for ten years or more. We have had a phenomenal response to the ICE range and which is growing each year. The genre is timeless” Burke concluded. Furthermore, Sega Amusements is dedicated to delivering the best in class after sales support, so customers can buy with confidence when they buy from Sega.

For more information please contact Sega directly on +44 (0)208 391 8090 or sales@segaarcade.com