EMEA News: Sega Prize Launches New Tokio Smart Phone 2.0!

The latest and greatest Smartphone’s orbit the dreams of every child, teenager and adult on the planet. They open up a world of opportunities and connect you to an infinite database of information and knowledge. They have brought us freedom from the restraints of traditional PC’s, allowing us to receive emails, produce documents, connect to social networks, create and edit films and photography, plus many, many more, all from the convenience of a pocket sized touch screen device.

At Sega Prize we love smartphones and pioneered the original TokioSmartphone, specifically engineering the product to meet the price points and packaging requirements of the amusements market. It is Sega’s aim to make these amazing devices available to everyone by providing great quality devices at fantastic value for money.

Following on from the tremendous success of the Tokio Smartphone & the Tokio Smartphone Plus, Sega Prize is incredibly excited to introduce its successor the Tokio Smartphone 2! Boasting a 1.3Ghz dual core processor, an amazingly bright highly sensitive IPS touch panel and 3G mobile Internet connectivity, this SIM free device is quad band allowing you to simply insert the SIM card to connect to Android 4.2’s world of Apps and opportunities.

Aesthetically the Tokio Smartphone has also received a complete makeover, now with a glossy brilliant white face, highlighted by a chrome bezel and finished with an elegant silver back, the Tokio Smartphone has never looked so attractive.

The Tokio brand has proven to earn fantastic income in Key Masters, redemption and many other prize machines. We are always extremely excited to be able to bring more and more products to the Tokio range in order to cater for the eagerly awaiting and ever increasing techy customers visiting your FEC’s and amusements.

For more details please call Sega Prize on +44(0) 208 391 8089 or email us at sega.prize@sega.com