Ticket Ring Jumbo

Go Jumbo!

Add illuminated brilliance to your location with the all-new Ticket Ring™ Jumbo Crane. This exciting new jumbo size ticket crane features fully lit front panels with colours cast by LED's. Choose the colours that best fit your location and add elegance and attraction to your crane. Ticket Ring™ Jumbo is designed to work perfectly at redemption ticket or swipe card locations.

The game itself couldn't be more straightforward as players try to grab as many rolls of tickets as possible with the accurate and reliable crane claw. Add this eye-catching, cash box-busting redemption crane to your location today!

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  • Delightful Front Frame Illumination
  • Choose the colour to suit your location
  • High volume capacity play-field
  • Durable cabinet design
  • Simple 4-Way joystick controller
  • Redemption
  • Crane
Manuals & Information Sheets
Assembled Dimensions


Depth Width Height
Metric 120cm 115cm 204cm
Imperial 47″ 45″ 80″
Ticket Ring Jumbo

Ticket Ring Jumbo

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