Ticket Eater


Players feed their redemption tickets into the Galileo Ticket Eater and the machine makes eating and burping noises to entertain players. As the tickets are eaten the machine displays the running total on a dot matrix display and then issues a voucher that can be exchanged for prizes at a kiosk.

The dot matrix can also be used for displaying customised messages and offers. The Galileo Ticket Eater is designed to be used either as a standalone machine or in conjunction with the Galileo Redemption POS terminal so players can save their points directly onto VIP cards.

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  • Counting speed: - 640 tickets/min
  • Sack capacity: - 90.000 tickets
  • Thermal with auto-cutter and automatic expulsion
  • 1.100 receipts with standard 90mm roll
  • 2.400 receipts with 130mm (kit XSP) roll
  • Redemption
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Assembled Dimensions


Depth Width Height
Metric 40cm 50cm 176cm
Imperial 16″ 20″ 69″
Galileo Ticket Eater

Galileo Ticket Eater