The Big Top Circus

Roll up! Roll up! To see the grates show on Earth.

You won't believe your eyes! As you witness the Spellbinding magician, fearless human cannonball, breath-taking Houdini and the weird bearded lady. Thrill with laughter at the clown and his talking dance fire engine and gasp at the world's strongest mouse trap. It's all under "The Big Top Circus"!

Pan Amusements   5 Players & Above     Archived  

  • Ticket redemption
  • 8 players
  • 22 targets
  • Water interaction
  • Multi action targets
  • Digital sounds
  • Redemption
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Attraction
Manuals & Information Sheets
Assembled Dimensions


Depth Width Height
Metric 488cm 371cm 366cm
Imperial 192″ 146″ 144″
Shipping Dimensions
Metric DepthWidthHeight
Shipping x 1 260cm 180cm 150cm
Imperial DepthWidthHeight
Shipping x 1 103″ 71″ 59″
PAN's The Big Top Circus

PAN's The Big Top Circus

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