Baby Air Hockey


A brand new addition to the ever-popular line up of air hockey games, this table is made just for kids. It's at their height, and the kids will feel extremely comfortable playing on this fantastic air hockey table made just for them. 

This game is extremely colourful making it very attractive to children. The playing surface is made of 1/2" thick acrylic meaning it's a very durable surface. Baby Air Hockey from ICE is the perfect addition to any family friendly amusement arcade!

ICE   2 Player     Archived  

  • 2 player
  • Durable surface
  • Chasing LED around play field
  • Feel extremely comfortable in playing
  • Very attractive and extremely colourful
  • Made for long-term use
  • Sports
  • Kids
Manuals & Information Sheets
Assembled Dimensions


Depth Width Height
Metric 153cm 97cm 70cm
Imperial 61″ 39″ 28″
Shipping Dimensions
Metric DepthWidthHeight
Shipping x 1 170cm 114cm 56cm
Imperial DepthWidthHeight
Shipping x 1 67″ 45″ 22″
ICE's Baby Air Hockey

ICE's Baby Air Hockey

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