Supported Hardware

Hardware supported by Sega Service Centre.

Sega offer support on all hardware up to, and sometimes over 10 years. The Sega mantra is "repair NOT replace", and they truly believe this is the key to the longevity of support on all of their developed and supplied hardware. There is seldom a situation where they are unable to repair a board or offer a solution. If you do not see a game platform or product listed, give the team a call or drop them an email at [email protected] and they will point you in the right direction. 

The Sega Chihiro is an arcade system produced by Sega in 2003. It is based on the Microsoft Xbox and supports up to 1GB of RAM. It uses GD-ROM media (Gigabyte Disc Read Only memory) instead of DVD to enable increased storage capacity and curb piracy. The GD ROM technology was developed by Yamaha for use on the Sega Dreamcast consumer console. 
Type 1 Chihiro uses the Naomi style DIMM board that plugs in to the top of the unit and is only compatible with Crazy Taxi High Roller and House of the Dead 3
Type 3 Chihiro (pictured) is the most common platform and runs some of Sega's most popular and iconic games such as; OutRun2, OutRun2 SP, House of the Dead 3, Virtua Cop 3 and Ghost Squad. 
Sega Service Centre can repair most faults on this system including MS core board boot issues and game freeze / lockups. For LED fault code information and repair enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

The Sega Lindbergh platform was developed by Sega in 2005 as a successor to Naomi 2. The Lindbergh platform is home to some of Sega's most iconic games such as After Burner Climax, House of the Dead 4, Ghost Squad Evolution, Lets go Jungle and OutRun2 SP. 

Lindbergh Yellow is the primary version of this platform, but Sega International also support Lindbergh Red and Lindbergh Red EX for all Export and USA versions of games. Unlike Naomi and Chihiro which were bespoke proprietary hardware, Lindbergh uses a more standard Intel P4 processor and  Nvidia GPU chipset which proves more cost effective and easier to maintain. The system is an embedded PC format running Montavista Linux OS via the CF grub card on the motherboard and uses an IDE HDD to run the game. 

For information on error codes and general game information please visit our manuals page HERE or contact [email protected] for technical support or repair enquiries. 

Sega RingWide is an arcade only platform developed by Sega as part of the Ring series - other forms are RingEdge and RingEdge 2. The system is based on Windows Embedded Standard 2009 architecture which opened the gateway for Sega to work with more developers. The system is less involved than previous Sega hardware and uses a standard Intel motherboard and Celeron CPU which makes the game board far easier to support  and repair. 

2011 saw Sega relaunch the 'Let's Go' brand, with Let's Go Island on the RingWide platform, which proved a great success. In 2012, Sega released Operation Ghost, which was the long awaited follow up to Ghost Squad Evolution and boasted excellent graphics despite the GPU being embedded and running an AMD 128MB DDR3 RAM. 

For information on error codes and general game information please visit our manuals page HERE or contact [email protected] for technical support or repair enquiries. 

Sega RingEdge and RingEdge 2 are the bigger brothers of the RingWide and part of the Sega Ring Series. 2009 saw the release of the RingEdge platform and was debuted alongside the RingWide as the higher performance arm of the series. 

The RingEdge is driven by an Intel Pentium Dual-Core CPU with 1GB RAM and GeForce 8800GS Video card, while the RingEdge 2 boasts a more impressive Intel i3 with 2GB RAM and GeForce GT545 video card. Both game boards use a solid state (SSD) drive running Windows Embedded standard 2009 with a custom shell. 

The Sega Virtua brand was hit up again with an addition to Sega's long running tennis series,  Virtua Tennis 4, running on the RingEdge, shortly followed by the release of the 3D version of Let's Go Island.  

In 2012 the first titles from Japan were seen on the RingEdge 2 and in 2013 Sega International released Transformers Human Alliance which was a huge worldwide success . 

For information on error codes and general game information please visit our manuals page HERE or contact [email protected] for technical support or repair enquiries.