Redemption Tickets

STS now offer a full range of redemption tickets.

We offer personalised or generic tickets at competitive prices and hold substantial stocks in our warehouse. These tickets are of the highest quality and have been used within the UK for many years. 


  • Customised designs 
  • No charge for artwork
  • Up to 5 colours per ticket
  • Bar coding for increased security
  • Our tickets work with all ticket eaters
  • High quality, low - dust tickets to eliminate machines and sensors getting clogged with paper dust
  • Our tickets are supplied throughout Europe and beyond
  • STS supply generic tickets from stock
  • 2000 pack is either a 60,000 or 100,00 box
  • 3000 pack is a 90,000 box
  • Barcoded  tickets

For more information contact STS +44 (0) 208 391 8060 or on [email protected]