Galileo Twin Ticket Eater

The Ticket Eater Centerpiece

The mechanics and electronics of the Evo Twin are the same as the tried and tested Galileo Pro. What sets it apart is it's centre piece design and brand new LED "multi-colour" lighting. The walls are completely transparent plexi-glass and the frame is made of specially designed aluminium.

There's a great choice of customisation options, for example we can create bespoke graphics with your logo and instructions.

The writing on the display, sounds and voice information can be programmed in many different languages, for example Turkish, Arabic and Russian.


Counting speed: - 640 tickets/min

Sack capacity: - 90.000 tickets


Thermal with auto-cutter and automatic expulsion

1.100 receipts with standard 90mm roll

2.400 receipts with 130mm (kit XSP) roll


D600mm W600mm H1830mm 

For more information contact STS +44 (0) 208 391 8060 

or on [email protected]